Horoscopes for Dogs: your Aries dog

• They are impulsive and often get in trouble by sudden unthinking acts. They are often the leader of the pack or alpha dog, never faltering when new additions are added to the family. Often having shades of red in their coloring; it matches a fast and feverish pace. Their actions seem like lightning bolts, often taking people by surprise. They could win a race hands down. "Me first, look at me, here I am, please notice me, watch me do my dance for attention." These are expressions you can actually observe.  They can't wait to get out and run and be noticed for being the special animal they are. Exercise is very important for the Aries dog.  They can get along well in groups but would prefer the lead position. Adventure is their primary motive and escape could result in loss. Be sure to have adequate protection of the home front to prevent curiosity from getting the better of them. Their lust for adventure makes them always the first to venture out into new territory.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Aries cat

• A fierce hunter by nature, they need to chase prey for the conquest and the game of it all. The idea of hunting for food is negligible, although they will be first to demonstrate it's their prey only. Having a me first attitude in all they do makes it important that you feed them first. Keep this cat exercised with climbing poles and a large deck they can watch the birds from. They have been known to cover a large territory looking for prey. Active and aggressive, they must be allowed to forage on their own with free reign of the area even if it just includes your family room. Keep a handful of catnip mice that they can tear apart for treats.

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