Horoscopes for Dogs: your Cancer dog

• You can't get them out of the kitchen. If they could help you cook they would. For now, they can assist with any of the tasting duties required for a meal. They are attached at the hip to their mom's side, canine or human. Often maturing later in life, they may find it difficult to be apart from loved ones or their home. You can depend on them to be included in everything you do like it or not. Not an outdoor dog unless that activity includes swimming. She would prefer nestling right on your lap or by your side instead. They feel what you do, often sharing an emotional bond with their companions both human and animal. They must care for others and would do well as a watch dog over children or other animals. Very sensitive to digestive disturbances, they will not eat if upset by changes in the environment. They often take days off from eating until things settle. Then watch out, they can eat enormous amounts of food as if there was never a thing wrong. Probably the best companion dog out there if their neuroses don't drive you crazy. Keep "feel good" toys or pieces of your clothing handy when leaving. They miss you and live for your return. Give them tender love and never yell at them or they will retreat into their shells and look hurt and dejected for days.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Cancer cat

• Sun in Cancer couldn't be any closer to you if you had actually given birth to them. Never leaving your side, Sun in Cancer will follow you to every room, scratching down the door to gain access should you accidentally leave them out. Sun in Cancer sleeps with you, eats with you and is attuned to your every emotion. Sun in Cancer is sad when you are gone, often not eating until you return. They seems genuinely upset and will be sure to let you know in no uncertain terms. Their favorite room is the kitchen but Sun in Cancer can also enjoy your bed for the long catnaps they require after dining on a fish buffet. Don't leave Sun in Cancer alone for long without providing a piece of your clothing for them to lie on. This will help Sun in Cancer to adjust while you're gone and they can continue to feel close to you while you're away.

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