Horoscopes for Dogs: your Capricorn dog

• Here is the dog that plans their every move. "If I do this then I will receive a cookie. If I continue to do the same thing maybe I'll receive another cookie or more. Then I can stash them away so if I ever get really hungry..." They are very methodical in their approach to things. They are social climbers and will not stay at the bottom of the pecking order for long. If you have something they want they will be your best friend. Soon they become the leader and everyone looks to them for approval or extra cookies; they always have a hidden stash. They don't care what gets changed in the process, they want to be number one. Not always affectionate, often seeming stand-offish unless approached. Loyal and dependable, they get any job done despite insurmountable odds. They will behave better in obedience than most, because they know the reward comes later. In their life there is also a delayed gratification; often they had a difficult or complicated beginning. They will improve with age so you might want to give this wonderful animal a second chance.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Capricorn cat

• Starting from impoverished beginnings, they are now top feline in the household and will not fail to let you know that in no uncertain terms. Slowly they worked their way into your heart and home. Now they sleep on your bed and expect to be told how proud you are of them. Saving many things you've given them throughout the years, they are a bit of a pack rat. Often bringing you the latest conquest for viewing before devouring, they want to be sure you know how hard they worked for their capture before it's gone. They feel that you judge them on this and they wouldn't want to disappoint you.

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