Horoscopes for Dogs: your Leo dog

• They must feel equal to their master in every way. Adore them and make them feel every part as special as they are. Frequent grooming and attention will provide the bond they need to feel important. They are looked up to and respected by all other animals in the family. Calm but watchful. Always on the prowl for foe or game. Conformation ring would serve them well as it gives them adequate time to be prepped and adorned. Others admire and praise their movements and appearance with ample rewards in the process. They do not like work much but will accommodate you for the praise they know they deserve. Loyal in every way, they are good companions and guard dogs. Keep them winning ribbons and pictures on your walls for proof of their accomplishments. Make sure they are included in all social events that make them the center of attention. They are quite comfortable lying around soaking up the sunshine - give them plenty of time to do so. They need to be an integral part of a family where they are given the respect they deserves.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Leo cat

• Show this lovely feline off at all costs. Leo Sun loves to be fussed over and made to feel special. A real natural in the cat shows, Leo Sun loves the admiration it takes to win. A bit arrogant and smug, Leo Sun often expects you to make the first approach. Their coat may be what you first notice, but it's their big heart that gets the winning result. Leo Sun was born to be a winner and shines under any attention you display. Keep praising Leo Sun every day and you will have a loyal pet for life. Leo Sun's heart is yours and no one can take that away. Leo Sun enjoys your family as well as their own brood of kittens. They are good parents and will help in caring for others as well. Leo Sun gets the respect they deserve and will make you a proud parent. Keep an extra stash of combs that you can use on that beautiful fur.

Pet Horoscopes: What is your dog or cat's sign?


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