Horoscopes for Dogs: your Libra dog

• They enjoy the company of a companion; they should come with a sibling. They will not be happy unless you are available 24 hours a day. Never standing for dissension, they will be the one making sure everyone gets along. Fighting is not allowed - the world is too beautiful and has many things to explore. Pretty and perky, Venus ruled, they are as beautiful in appearance as they are in motion. The true socialite, they do everything right to please you and become number one in the household. They are a very social animal and can be the life of the party. They appreciate aesthetics and enjoy a daily dose of grooming. They like to try to outsmart you, and are often seen making up clever games as they go along. Of course the rules are usually made to suit them.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Libra cat

• If you're not there to provide companionship 24 hours a day for your Libra cat,  you must provide them with their own partner.  Make sure you and your current partner are also getting along - your Libra cat doesn't tolerate arguments well and may cower in the corner unless given her own say.  Any show of indifference is sure to make her act out in some way to get your attention.  It could be accidental clumsiness causing your best vase to fall, or worse.  Your cat just wants everyone to relate well or may decide to use your personal property as a litter box. They're submissive only for the sake of peace. Friendly with all and ready to converse on your level, they take the time to caress you and give you a friendly purr. "Pet me and look into my eyes so you can understand more," they seem to say. They find it difficult that you're sometimes unable to understand them. they feel that you should spend more time conversing with them. Equal time is all they want.

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