Horoscopes for Dogs: your Sagittarius dog

• If you're not near some woods or trails it would be wise to travel there often so that their adventurous side can be indulged in some fun. These wild and wonderful animals live for outdoor activity and can be seen traveling long distances for hunting or to chase fowl. Free as a bird with loads of energy. Plenty of exercise is a requirement. They go with the flow but would prefer you take their advice when they are leading on the trail. They prefer other animals in the household to be equally adventurous. The Disney adventures probably use a Sagittarius dog as their main character. Getting into all kinds of mischievous predicaments along the way, they usually finish unscathed but a bit disheveled. They are lucky enough to escape from most disasters. If you like to run trails and play in the park this is the dog for you. Hunting and sporting trials are where they can excel. Fun to be with and always ready to go is their motto. Throw a ball or Frisbee and you've found a loyal friend for life.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Sagittarius cat

• They are truly wild at heart; it takes a lot of convincing to keep them as indoor cats. Never far from the window sill, they are much more interested in what's happening outdoors. Their head often follows the direction of any bird or squirrel that might pass through their territory. Dreams keep them active on the chase as demonstrated by their little paws in movement. They may enjoy a romp in your yard if supervised. Their desire to roam is strong, making escape an ongoing possibility. The rest of the animals in your household all feel as if they are the spokesperson for the house. Everyone follows their direction and this can often get other animals in some difficulty. They may find themselves suffering from injury owing to their careless activity. A restless curious soul that needs to explore all their options. They want to know something about everyone and will bond with many in your household.

Pet Horoscopes: What is your dog or cat's sign?


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