Horoscopes for Dogs: your Scorpio dog

• Secretive and reclusive might be how you would describe your Scorpio dog. They probably have a whole stash of articles that are buried somewhere never to be seen by human eyes again. They have never forgotten a punishment or command yet. Whether they decide to obey it is another story. They hold grudges and remember those who might have been mean or mistreated them in the past. Trying to get them to come out of their shell may be difficult but once the element of trust is established they will be yours 'til the end. They own you and don't forget it. They may allow you to enter their world once in awhile but only with an appropriate bribe. Sensitive to your feelings and emotions they will not leave your side during upsetting moments. Their job, to protect you until death, is taken quite seriously and let no man or beast come between you. They live for your approval and acceptance.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Scorpio cat

• They own you and will go to lengths to show you this, sometimes spraying your clothing with their own personal scent. They would not want any old tomcat to think it could take their place. They may be the one that you can never find in the house. "Secret passages everywhere, bet you can't find me," is what you can hear them saying while you search frantically throughout the house. Why did you have to yell at them last night? Sensitive Scorpio's pride hurts easily so you can expect a no show for at least 24 hours. This is a common punishment they give you. Be true to them always, and use caution if bringing a new animal into the house. Never liking to share you with others, they may show you just how dissatisfied they are. They are inflexible and stubborn so don't try to change their private areas. They will not take too kindly to this, making it difficult to break them of bad habits. Check out their private stash sometime, if you can find it. Always ready to investigate for mice under the porch, they wait endlessly to make their catch.

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