Horoscopes for Dogs: your Taurus dog

• They can be rather lazy and indulgent at times. Beautiful without lifting a paw, they make quite a display sprawled across your couch. Ruled by Venus his attractiveness make all others pale in comparison. Often seen in gardens making dirt piles of your wonderful garden beds. Next time go out and tell him where to dig and get your gardening done twice as fast. Their nose is never far from the ground often enjoying the hunt for other animals or game. They are very creative in letting you know how hard they worked at getting the job done. If you hadn't noticed take a whiff - that new smell might be coming from the cologne the just rolled in to make himself more attractive. You couldn't get him to escape if you dug the hole for him. He is quite comfortable with his creature comforts and wouldn't think of budging as long as he gets a good bone once in awhile. He may also have developed a fondness for root crops. He hasn't met a potato or carrot he doesn't like. Keep him away from eating rocks and supplement his diet if you find this to be a problem. You wouldn't want him to ruin those pearly white teeth of his so give him plenty to chew on. He will be found lounging around looking like the perfect accessory to your home.

Horoscopes for Cats: your Taurus cat

• Taurus Sun loves their toys and the little corner cat box you provide for them. The minute you try to change something, expect Taurus Sun to retaliate with some bad habits. Don't try to throw that old beat up mouse away because Taurus Sun will be very disappointed when it suddenly disappears from the spot they calls their own. Taurus Sun can't be fooled - they know where all their things are. A creature of comfort, Taurus Sun prefers lounging on the couch to foraging for prey, anytime. Pretty and touchable, Taurus Sun is the type that loves to be groomed and adorned with your praise. They are a bit lazy and self-indulgent. Taurus Sun wants you to serve them food in a special way plus it has to be the best quality of cat food for them to be interested - just store bought won't do. Keep this cat trim by forcing them to exercise, otherwise Taurus Sun will just get fatter and lazier with age. Start good habits young. It still doesn't guarantee you'll get Taurus Sun motivated to move from their catnip nap - sometimes only food can motivate them. Taurus Sun does well as a show cat where others can admire how beautiful they are.

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